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Solar Panel for Travelling. Save 60%!

Solar Panel for Travelling 1 700

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If you’re a frequent traveler and always on-the-go, this portable solar panel is right for you! This unique gadget can recharge mobiles, cameras, tablets, and other digital device.


Great for camping, hiking, long travels, or when you just need extended power for your gadgets.


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Solar Panel for Travelling 1 642


The practical design allows for multiple placement options. It can be clipped on the bag, attached on the vehicle window glass, attached to tents, backpacks, bicycle panniers. It can charge devices directly or the built-in Lithium Polymer Battery. Solar panel size: 24.8 x 17 cm.


Charging time by sunlight: 12 – 14 hours

Charging time by USB port: 12 – 14 hours

Charging time by 1A adaptor: 5 Р6 hours


Retail value is $117!!! Now only $47!

Enjoy a powerful 60% discount!!!

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  • 1 Solar Panel for Travelling
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 4 Charging connector tips (micro, mini, iPhone, dc3.5)
  • Prompt Delivery

Fine Print:

  • Postage, packaging and handling is $7.95 on first item
  • Order more than one and get FREE shipping on additional items
  • Australia and New Zealand Only

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